Monday, November 20, 2006

St. Louis News Report

The next day after my beloved Cardinals won the World Series, our city was declared the #1 city for Crime, Detroit was #2.

We here in St. Louis were not happy with this news. The media has a habit of reporting the bad news in cities and never the good news.

This weekend we had some good news you probably won’t hear about in the world news.

This weekend 10 homes built by the Habitat for Humanity were dedicated to 10 single moms in St. Louis. For months, these mothers worked right beside other volunteers to build their home.

One of these individuals was my youngest sister. She is now a new home owner. Her two story home is beautiful. We all were so proud to see all her hard work pay off.

This is the type of news we like to hear about, but of course they’re never in the media.

Other news happening in St. Louis:

LaShaunda and Clyde Hoffman celebrated 10 years of marital bliss. On November 16th 1996 we became man and wife. Marriage has definitely been an adventure, but we both admitted these ten years have flown by. My hubby said it must mean we’re doing OK.

We both agreed for the next ten years to be more attentive.

One of our treats to each other was a movie together. We never go to the movies without the kids, so it was nice to snuggle together and watch Casino Royal. We’re both James Bond fans and enjoyed this movie. Of course the little baby, who tagged alone, decided he didn’t like seating in the chair and balled up in a knot for the whole movie. I decided that I won’t be doing any more movie dating until after the baby comes. Having a huge knot in your side isn’t very comfortable.

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