Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Book Blogging Appreciation Week - WED

What is your best blogging tip?

Blog because you want to not because you think you have to. Blogging is time consuming and if you do it because you think you have to, you’ll resent it and eventually give up on it.

I learned that I wasn’t an everyday blogger. I honestly didn’t have anything to say on most days. There are some days I probably could blog all day long. I found by joining book review alliances that I have something to talk about on those days I don’t feel like blogging. It gives my readers something to read when they stop by and I don’t feel the pressure of trying to find something to write about.

I finished the B blogs yesterday. I found a few I will be adding to my long blog list. Now on to the Cs.

TUESDAY WINNER - My Kingdom for a Book

My question for today: What are your favorite book bloggers?


Jennifer @ Quiverfull Family said...

I hope you make it down to the Q's! I'm the only Q entry actually :).

My favourite book bloggers are:
Tree Swing Reading
A Peek at My Bookshelf
Relz Reviews

Can Canadians enter? :)

windycindy said...

Here are a few of my favorites:

Thanks, Cindi

Missy said...

My favorite book bloggers truly are the authors who blog as well as review websites. I love reading what authors have to say. Most times I drop by blogs not because I want to win a free book, locate where an author will be visiting, nor is it because of a promotion of the month but because I miss the person blogging. I miss seeing what they are thinking about or have going on!!

windycindy said...

I like when bloggers share their take on books that they have read! If they don't feel like blogging, I like when they admit it and leave a blurb. Also, guest bloggers and reviewers are interesting. Many thanks, Cindi