Monday, September 22, 2008

Survived my emotional weekend

The funeral and wedding were both beautiful. We sent my aunt off in style. She looked beautiful and her wishes were met. Everyone did good at the funeral. I thought I was staying strong until they closed the casket for the final time, then I lost it. It was weird because I’m a quiet crier. I’ve never been a loud crier. Not this time, I sounded like a wounded dog. It was like all the grief inside, flew out of me. Afterwards I was drained.

The wedding was perfect, my sister looked like a princesses. Everyone had a wonderful time. I think my sister thanked me a million times. Everyone made it down the aisle with no mishaps. Then the bride made her entrance and her music refused to play. Thank God for the groom’s grandmother. She stood up and sang I love you truly as my sister walked down the aisle. It was like she was meant to sing.

We danced the night away at the reception.

I was on the couch all Sunday. Hate I missed church, but my feet were killing me. Please remind me to never be a wedding coordinator ever again. Lol

I’ll post some pictures, once I find my camera hook up cord.

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