Thursday, January 14, 2010

FLASHBACK: VOWS by Rochelle Alers


On a well-deserved vacation in exotic Mexico, sensible, pratical accountant Vanessa Blanchard allows a maelstrom of desire to turn her world upside down. She's not sure why she dared to trust gorgeous, mysterious Joshua Kirkland, a man who revealed very little about his past...or their future together. All she knows is that she fell in love with a man who made her his, and then disappeared without a trace. Now Joshua haunts her days with desperate questions and torments her sleepless nights with remembered ecstasy.

But Joshua Kirkland hasn't abandoned the woman he branded with his passion. Though his mission began as a game of seduction fueled by suspicion, it has now turned into a daring race to confront the deadly danger that threatens the love of a lifetime...and the woman he loves.

This book sealed my love for romances. I fell in love with Joshua Kirkland as I read each page and from then on, I judged other heros by him. It was hard to find another hero worthy of him. I will say, Dix Wildhorse gave him a run for his money, but that's another flashback for later.

Did you miss this book? Pick up your copy TODAY.

Which hero did you fall in love with?


Rhonda McKnight said...

No way! I pulled this book out of my sacred books trunk the other night and started re-reading it. It's the only book I ever re-read, because I'm so in love with that dang Joshua Kirkland. I can't believe your featuring it.

LaShaunda said...

Girl I loved me some Joshua for a long time.