Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Snowed In

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Last week St. Louis was hit with it first snow storm. Everything was covered with this beautiful blanket of snow. The best part was no work or school. Four lovely days stuck in the house with my family.

It wasn’t as bad as you would think. We had a wii competition and I enjoyed a lot of my favorite movies. As Good as it Gets, Five Heartbeats, Sleepless in Seattle. I watched a few new movies, 9 an interesting animated movie. 9th District that was a weird movie and the latest Harry Potter which I enjoyed for the second time.

During the storm an irate employee shot up his workplace. It was sad to hear about someone so upset he thought his only choice was to kill those he worked with. My prayers went out to the families who had to deal with this tragedy.

In five days my little one will turn 3 on Thursday evening he shocked us all by announcing he had to go pee. The hubby jumped up and took him to the bathroom. He came out and we all did the pee pee in the potty dance. If you don’t know this dance that means you haven’t been on the potty training adventure.

I’m so proud of this little one because he has been fighting going to the potty for a while and my pocket book has been suffering with all those pampers I have to buy. He hasn’t stopped going to the bathroom, so it looks like he will turn 3 as a potty trained little boy.

Yes I did get some writing in, even though my laptop decided to die. The laptop refuses to acknowledge the adapter plug. Since I don’t have a warranty it will cost 350.00 or more to replace the motherboard. Now if I had 350.00 I’d just go look for a new laptop. I’m just sick because this one is only a year old.

I was able to use my hubby’s computer to work on my middle grade book. It seems to be coming along well. I just might be making my first draft goal.

Now you see what happen to me during my snow in.

What did you do?

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