Friday, March 12, 2010

Hanging with my son

I’ve never had the desire to be a stay at home mom. I enjoy working and some days I can’t wait to get out of the house. Then every now and then I want to stay home with the little ones.

Last Friday my daughter had a picture displayed at the St. Louis Zoo, so I decided to take a vacation day and hang out with the three year old. He’d never been to the zoo, so I thought after art festival we would walk around the zoo.

He enjoyed seeing the animals. I was impressed by his knowledge of many of the animals. I think it was still sleepy time for most of them, so he laughed at how some of them slept with their legs in the air. He roared at the lions and was amazed by how tall my favorite animal, the giraffe is.

His favorite parts of the zoo were riding the carousel and the train. He’s a big train buff; he even had on his Thomas the Train shirt. He got a kick out of saying, “All aboard”

I promised him that we would come back again to the zoo for another adventure. This time we would bring his brother and sister along.

Even though I work full time, I’ve always made time for my children. I enjoy my one on one time with them. They are growing up so fast; I hope that they too enjoy our time together.

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