Friday, March 05, 2010

What’s happening with LaShaunda?

This is my birthday month so I’m happy to be turning a year older. Some days I can’t believe I’m in my 40s. What happen to the 30s? Some days I can believe I’m in my 40s. lol

This month I’m a cover girl. I’m featured in an online magazine called EKG Literary Magazine.

I’m so use to being the person interviewing; it was kind of strange being on the other end of the interview.

I want to thank Gena Garrison for an excellent interview.

If you have a moment check it out. You can also get a hard copy for $4.00. I plan on getting a copy for my scrapbook. My first cover, a girl has to document this special occasion.

This Sunday I will be on a radio show. I’m gathering more information and will let you know all the details tomorrow.

I’m excited about the radio show because it’s an audition for a co-host spot. I haven’t done online radio in a while. I think it would be nice to be part of a group this time around instead of doing it by myself.

The Girl Scout cookies came in and I’ve been running around delivering cookies and trying not to eat all the cookies in my house.

If you know a girl scout, please consider supporting them in their cookie campaign. Selling the cookies helps support the Girl Scout Council, which is a really good organization.

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