Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Being Obedient

My children and I have been fighting over chores.  I gave them a list of what they have to do.  They fight me every step of the way.  They just don’t want to do them.  I say its your duty to this family to do chores.  They listen but still slack on them.

As I was washing a pot for dinner and fussing because they wouldn’t do their chores without me screaming at them.  The spirit whispered, do you listen to your father?  It hit me hard because, lately I’d been disobodient doing my own thing when it came to my faith.

I know a few of you know of my feelings of being burnt out and loosing my way.  I’d gotten into the habit of staying home on Sundays instead of going to church to learn and worship.  I missed church, but was too lazy to deny myself and get up.

How could I expect my children to obey me when I couldn’t obey my own father?

Yes I’m still the child, still learning as my children are.  Some days its hard, and some days I want to do what I want.  I understand how my kids feel especially when it comes to dishes, its like a vicious never ending cycle.

As their mother its my duty to teach them right from wrong and to have responsibility.  I know my mother did it for me and I will do it for them.  I also know that you lead by example, and I haven’t been giving a good example lately.

So I ask for your prayers as I try to be a better example for my children and a better Christian for my Lord.

How do you handle obedience in your life and your children lives?

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