Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Moving Past The Fear

Part of my moving past my fear was letting someone else read my story. I asked two friends to read it. Both are editors, so I value their comments.

The first one read it in one night. She loved the story and the main characters. OMG. My sagging ego needed to hear that. She agreed it needed some help to make it shine.

My second friend agreed to edit it, so I’m in the editing stage. Next month I will start the revision stage. I’m excited and nervous to see what she has to say. I’ve told myself, I can handle the criticism because it will make my story a better story and that’s what I want.

As I go on this new journey in my life, I will keep you posted. I’m so ready to get past my fear and see my dream of a book with my name on the cover come true.

How do you move past your fears?

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