Friday, April 05, 2013

CURLY SISTER: Paulette Harper Johnson

The first time I went natural, I did it by myself.  It was a lonely journey and I gave in too soon.  The next time I tried, it I went online and talked to my curly sisters and I joined a few groups.  This time I wasn’t alone in my journey.  I had others to talk to and I learned a lot.
I wanted to introduce you to a few curly sisters who are also on this natural hair journey and my hope is that by sharing their experiences, it will help someone else on their natural hair path.

Our first curly sister is Paulette Harper Johnson

Tell us a little about you and when and why did you decide to start wearing your hair naturally?
Thanks LaShaunda for allowing me to be featured. 
Hello Natural Beauties. I’m Paulette Harper Johnson. I’m originally from Northern Ca. by way of the San Francisco Bay Area. I currently reside in sunny Florida with my husband of 2 years. I have two adult daughters who have blessed me with two adorable granddaughters.
My natural hair journey began in Dec 2010. I decided to go natural because my hair began to thin at the top really bad (due to alopecia) I had for years kept experiencing hair loss in certain parts of my scape. Not a pretty site when I use to wear my hair spiked! Prior to that, I had been contemplating going natural because I was seeing my other natural sista’s wear their hair and I loved it. The last perm I received my beautician told me that I needed to get a different hair style because my crown was getting too thin. That was all it took. That was my deciding factor. That was the last time I had a perm.
What was your biggest hair obstacle to overcome?
I believe the first 3-6 months was very frustrating for me.  At the time I didn’t really know my hair and what it loved.  There were many days that my hair did not want to cooperate. But I was determined not to go back to a perm.   I learned over time what products worked best for my 4 B hair. 
What are three products you can't live without for your hair?
LaShaunda I have to admit I was a product junkie. I tried a lot of products. Some worked, while others didn’t. The three products that I can’t live without: As a styler I use, As I Am Twist defining cream, my leave in conditioner I use, Giovanni direct leave in, and the Moisturizers: shea butter, aloe vera gel, essential oils.
What are your favorite styles to wear? My favorite style to wear is a two-strain twist.

Which natural sites/blogs do you follow?
When I started doing my research you tube became my best friend.  I found Mae, Kerry and Lady T who had a major impact on my learning how to care for and maintain my hair.

Any advice for the newly natural sisters?
I would tell those who are transiting not to give up. Keep learning which products will work best for your style of hair.  It takes patience to learn how to take care of your hair.  At times, you might get tempted to go back to a perm because of frustration, but with time, patience and determination your hair will eventually tell you when it’s “happy.”

Do you have a site/blog/facebook to follow?


Anonymous said...

Love the look Paulette.

Linda Beed!

LaShaunda said...


Thank you for being our first Curly Sister. I've watched you online and seen how your hair is growing. Natural works well for you.