Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Podcast Interview Tips

Last night I did my first podcast interview with Tyora Moody.  I know you’re thinking I thought you were doing podcasts.  I am, but I was the guest instead of the host last night.

Tyora was an excellent interviewer.  She gave me the questions she wanted to ask ahead of time.   

I wanted to offer a few tips to you if you plan on doing a few podcasts yourself.

If the host sends you the questions before time.  Take time to read over them and then write out your answers.

I typed out my answers then printed them out, to use as my notes during the podcast.

Show up for the interview.

I know this sounds like a logical thing to do but you would be surprised how many people don’t show up for their interviews.  They forget to put it on their calendar or life shows up.  If you can’t make the interview, send a quick email to let the host know, so they can reschedule the interview.  You don’t want them waiting on you to show up.  That doesn’t look good and I’m sure they will not be rescheduling.


This might be hard for you if this is your first time, but if you have a great host like I did with Tyora it can be fun.  I always say a prayer before I do any interview asking the Lord to guide my tongue because I have a habit of talking and talking.

Have a conversation

Don’t give the host a hard time of pulling answers out of you.  This is the time to talk and share a little about yourself, your book or business.  It’s not fun chatting with someone and all you are saying is yes or no.

Have fun and smile

Listeners can tell if you’re having fun or if you’re scared to death by your voice.  If you find yourself smiling a lot it will come across in the podcasts. 

When I first started doing the podcasts, I found myself laughing a lot and my guest did too.  At first I was worried listeners wouldn’t take it serious, but then I realized that laughing is a good thing.  Yes writing is serious, but you still want to have fun with it.

Promote your podcast

When the podcast goes live, send out the link to your readers, friends, social media.  Send a thank you note to the host.

Listen to the interview

How did you sound?  What can you improve for the next interview?

I want to thank Tyora Moody for  my first podcast interview.  When the podcast goes live, I will post the link so you can hear what we had to talk about.

I hope this tips help you when you have your podcast interview.  If you have any questions about podcasting or podcast interview, feel free to leave a comment.


Bridal Tribe said...

Great tips Lashaunda, I have to listen to the interview now...lol

Makasha Dorsey said...

Great post. I've been thinking about doing a podcast. But, I'm too chicken. lol

LaShaunda Hoffman said...

Thanks for stopping by Bridal Tribe and Makasha. Makasha you will love doing a podcast. You choose what you want to talk about. You can interview others or just offer advice. I'm sure you have a lot of wisdom to share.

Karen Rogers-Robinson said...

Great post. It's always hard being on the air but these were some helpful reminders that will make it easier if you folloe them.