Tuesday, February 12, 2008


My family was asked to sample a new product for kids called Froose®. Its is a delicious and nutritious whole food beverage specially made and packaged for the healthy growth and development of young children. Froose® is a combination of whole grains and 100% fruit juice. Froose® was developed by a concerned mom and food scientists at The International Food Network at Cornell who were looking for a truly innovative solution to the lack of healthier drink options for young children.

My children are picky eaters, so I handed them the drinks and waited on a response. They liked it after the first intial taste they wanted to know what it was because it was a lot thicker than regular juice almost like a sap. Once I told them it was a new juice that was healthy for them, they continued to drink until it was gone. To my surprise they asked for more. The best part was the 1year old wanted his own box. He didn’t want to share with his sister. He enjoyed the drink too.

Will we buy Froose®? I think we will.

They come in different flavors, Cheerful Cherry, Playful Peach, Perfect Pear.

I like the Cheerful Cherry and the idea that the children get nutrients while they drink. Sometimes with picky eaters I worry they are not getting everything their little bodies need to grow.

Check out Froose® at – http://www.froose.com/milton_phase2/index.html

Pick up some for you and your children, then stop by and tell me what you think.

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