Thursday, December 04, 2008

Getting Into The Christmas Spirit

I married a man who doesn’t celebrate Christmas (that’s a whole another post), which meant no Christmas tree or decorations. I had to come up with different ways to get into the Christmas spirit.

One is sending out Christmas cards. It just doesn’t feel like Christmas without getting my cards. Now with the internet people stop using the mail. I miss real letters and cards. Yes I’ll send email cards, but I still enjoy picking out cards and mailing them.

Each year I try to do something different. One year I sent a tea bag with each card and asked the person to take a moment and have a cup of tea with me. I’ve sent cocoa and book marks. When I had a lot of time, I use to send calendars I personalized. I still get requests for those.

I don’t know what I’ll do this year, I haven’t been inspired yet.

My favorite thing to do is make cookies. I’ve been making cookies since I was nine. I enjoy baking and I usually invite all my nieces and nephews to hang out and make cookies for their family. Last year we made our first gingerbread house. I saw some ginger bread men this year I might have to get for the kids.

I love giving gifts too. I find the ones I make are better received than the ones I buy. This year I’m making ceramics for a few people and I’m thinking about doing a few earrings. One year I made everyone an afghan. My hands were so tired after that one, but it was worth the oohs. My family members still have those afghans which makes me feel good.

It’s not Christmas without hearing Alvin and the chipmunks and the Temptations. Blasting those songs on the CD or MP3 really perks me up.

How do you get into the Christmas spirit?


Ty said...

I'm with you on the baking cookies and sending out Christmas cards. I like your tea bag idea for the cards.

Sean D. Young said...

I love the holidays. It seems like everyone has a better attitude. I like making the shape cookies and my grandma's hershey's chocolate cake.

In order to give special gifts to alot of people I've created a Christmas CD, people love the CDs, calendars and I've also done candy bars.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday LaShaunda.


LaShaunda said...

Thanks for the comments Ty and Sean.

Sean I know your family love the CDs. I know I enjoyed the ones you made in the past.

Simply Said Reading Accessories said...

I also did CD's Sean! I did a Christmas one many years ago and it has all my favorite oldies and some newer ones.

I also do the big mugs with tea bags in several flavors, candy, a recent authors booklet or excerpts and of course my bookmarks, wrapped together with a pretty bow makes a wonderful gift for a reader.

LaShaunda, Thank You cannot express how grateful I am to you for being such a fan.
Happy Holidays, Deb