Thursday, December 18, 2008

Writer's Wish List 2008

I'm taking a page from my friend Patricia's Wish List

A dedicated block of time each week to do nothing but write.

I stole this wish from Patricia, because I always say I'm gonna and it never happens. So I'm going to try to see this wish come true.

Paid membership for RWA

We don't have an ACFW group here in St. Louis, so I want to rejoin RWA because I miss talking to other writers and I miss not being in the know.

An all-expenses paid writing conference trip

I would love to attend a conference and soak up all the writing knowledge.

Paid subscriptions to The Writer's Digest, and Romantic Times

Paid professional editing for the manuscript

Amazon gift certificates for book purchases

A Kindle

Photo shop or a software that will help me make banners for SORMAG

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