Thursday, October 08, 2009

What To Do After You Attend A Conference

I’m getting ready for another online conference. This time I will be in attendance. It’s a good one too, Muse Online Conference. I’ve attended for the past three years. This conference is more hands on than mine and I love it. It’s like attending mini classes. I’m looking forward to participating.

I was reading an article yesterday and the author stated one thing you should do after a conference is write an article. I never thought about this, but she’s right. You can share about what you learned, or what went wrong or what you’d do different.

I have a few lessons to share from the online conference I hosted, so I need to sit down and write. Here’s the first lesson.

Lessons From Attending An Online Conference – Part 1


When you attend an online conference, you have to make time. Schedule some time in your schedule because most online conference consist of a lot of reading. You want to be able to read the posts and comments.

You can’t bop into a conference and think you’re going to get the full affect. You’ll miss a lot.


This isn’t the time to lurk. The conference hosts like to see comments, it let’s them know that you are reading. It is also your way to win prizes. You can’t win if no one knows you’re there.


Let others post. This isn’t your private conference. Share the comments.

Now this rule goes out the window if nobody is commenting. This might be your only chance to talk with your dream agent. If no one is asking questions, step up and ask away.


You might not be on the panel, but you might have something worthy to share. Don’t be afraid to speak up. I’ve learn a lot from those in attendance.


That what the conference is about, having fun. If it becomes too overwhelming, shut down the computer and come back tomorrow. Enjoy your time online and you’ll participate more.

That’s my first lesson, more to come.

Feel free to share what you do after you attend a conference.


Rhonda McKnight said...

Patricia Woodside does a great breakout article everytime she attends something. She is so good at that.

What do I do? Let out a breath, take off the shoes that hurt, and lay down for awhile. A week later I pick through the goodie bag. Maybe there was some chocolate in there that I overlooked. About a month after the conference I'll pick up my notes and wonder why my handwriting is so bad. I try to remember and apply what I learned.

I love conferences.

LaShaunda said...


I have a bad habit of looking at my goody bag a month later. I should pick a day the next week and check it out. Maybe the handwriting will come back to me then. LOL