Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Lessons Learned in 2013 - Stop Procrastinating

What’s stopping you from being published?

Unfortunately the answer to this question for me is ME. I’m the cause of not being published. I can make every excuse in the book, but I’m the one stopping me from moving forward toward publication.

For years I’ve let Fear lead my life when it comes to following my dreams. I know you’re thinking you are the one who is always saying are you working on your dreams. I do believe in dreams and I do believe in going after them; however I also was scared to death to see what happens if I completed the one dream I’ve had since I was sixteen.

When I started writing, nobody knew who I was. I was going to be the black Jackie Collins. Back then I was into hot romance writing. I didn't have a fear in the world. I wrote everyday. I made it a priority. It was my dream and I was going to get that book published.

What happen to that young naive girl? When did she let fear, push her dreams to the background? When did she let procrastination slip into her spirit?

Thirty years later I'm asking myself these questions. Have I spent 30 years procrastinating? Yes and no. No because I continued with my life. I joined the Navy, I moved back home, married and started a family. Thoughout those years I was still writing and dreaming.

Yes, because I didn't have a deadline. I'd write when I wanted too. I let rejection beat me down. I let fear lead my path.

Last year I started focusing on dreams. What did I want in this life? Was publishing a book still important to me? Could I leave this world without a book with my name on it?

I didn't want to die without realizing my dream. The dream of publication still burns deep in my heart.

Is the fear still there? You bet, I know it will always be there. I'm learning to walk around it instead of letting it stop me and move me toward procrastination.

I've taken time to create a plan. This time I'm taking steps toward publication, versus staying still.

Join me on my journey to publication. I know it won't be easy, and I know it won't happen today or even this year; however I have 30 years of patience and I know I follow a Lord who will give you your heart's desires. My heart desires a book with my name on it and I'm working toward making that dream come true.

What do you do to stop procrastinating?

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