Monday, June 06, 2005

I'm Addicted To TV

I said I was giving up TV. for the summer. I now know what it feels to be addicted to something. Ask me have I given up TV.? NOPE

I’m trying but it keeps having something on there I want to see. Like last night. The celebrities competing in ballroom dancing. I couldn’t resist. I’ve always been a sucker for dance shows. I too wanted to see Evander shake his booty. So I watched it. It was cute, some of the dances looked good. Evander cut a rug, but he needs to learn to loosen up. Will I watch again, yes I can’t help it.

Then I thought that’s it, I’m done for the night, I’m going to catch up on a little reading. My mother tells me my sister watched a show I mentioned to her, The 4400. I checked the listings it was on. Alright I’ll catch the 11 pm showing. One little show wouldn’t hurt.

I did get a some reading in, so it was OK.

The 4400 turned into a two hour event. It was good, but I thought I’d be turning the TV. off at 12 instead of one. I paid for the late night treat. I couldn’t get my butt out of the bed today.

OK I admit it. I’m addicted to TV. Its not going to be as easy as I thought. I’ll have to wean my self off slowly instead of going cold turkey like I thought I would. You see, I just found out my favorites are coming on this summer. Monk, Summerland, Nip and Tuck. Yeah I watch these shows, so what.

I’m hoping to go down to one show a day until I don’t have to turn on the TV. Yeah right who am I kidding. I have to have my TV. fix.


Cindy Appel said...

Hey, I'm addicted to TV, too. I waste too much time with it when I know I should be writing... Sigh!

Hey, maybe we can think of TV watching as "research" for our writing? Yeah, that's the ticket...

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LaShaunda said...

Hi Cindy,

Thanks for stopping by. I think I like the idea of research. I can use that. LOL!

Sylvia Hubbard said...

Oh that's funny LaShaunda. I'm going through a forced dry spell on the television thing and my butt was usually glued to it everyday.

My neighbors had illegal cable and the company cut the whole block. They fixed the line except for my line and we're arguing over whether i need to pay reconnection fees of 14 dollars per tv in the house. On top of that, the cheap antenna don't work on my expensive tv, so if there's no wind and the sun ain't shining too brightly, i can get a fuzzy signal.

so i write and write and write.

I started my own blog too.
cause I wrote too much, LOL.


Vanessa A. Johnson said...

Hey LaShaunda,
You have a TV addiction like I have an addiction to my computer. Lately, it's preventing me from getting any 'real' writing done because instead of finishing my novel, like I should have done months ago, I get bogged down reading and answering emails. I used to have a TV addiction, but that ended when my daughter became old enough to want to watch cartoons. You know the saying, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Well, I gave up that fight. She watches TV, and I read/write emails....

Cindy, nice comeback with the research thing......

Shelia said...

lol...I was addicted to TV at one time too...the only way I broke the habit was getting a job where the hours was from 4 pm to midnight.

upwords said...


The people around here (not me, of course LOL) are total TV addicts. I told my daughter that I hope she grows up to write screenplays or TV shows so it won't all go to waste. I thought we'd be unplugged since all the regular seasons are over, but alas! They have the nerve to come out with summer shows. The fun never ends... Good to see you blogging!

Mary G

Peachy said...


*standing* My name is Peachy and I am a TV Addict.

I have shows for every night and on the nights there are repeats, I just watch a show that I might have been interested in for one reason or another. When I walk into the house, I turn on the TV.

There are some good shows on but summer time is upon us and repeats are sure to follow. My favorite shows are all of the Law & Orders, 24 (Gotta love Keifer), Alias, LOST, Medium, CSI, Without a Trace, Cold see what I mean?


LaShaunda said...


Thanks for standing up girl. I know I'm not alone. LOL!

I thought the summer would be good because its reruns now they're trying to get us with these summer shows. What's up with that?