Thursday, June 23, 2005

Showing Your Butt

Why is it that readers remember the negative instead of the positive? If you talk to any reader, you will find they have a horror story about a published authors. Its sad that we can only remember the bad instead of the good.

A few tips on not showing your butt.

Readers are who keep you in business. There’s no rule that says you have to kiss their butt, but you should be cordial to them.

For instance, you sitting at a table full of readers. Do you talk to the readers, or to the one published author you know sitting at the table?

Want to lose a reader – be rude to them. This gets them every time. Readers understand you’re an individual too. However if they stood in line for two hours for a autograph they don’t deserve, I’m tired I don’t feel like signing anymore.

Readers deserve your confidence. If a reader writes a letter or email to you, they expect only your eyes to see it. Don’t forward to your fan club or friends unless you have their permission.

You can have a successful career without having to show your butt. Readers love remembering the good times with their favorite authors and they love talking about it. However they also love talking about the bad times, which one do you think stays with them the longest? Which one pops in their mind, when they see your next book?

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1 comment:

upwords said...

I'll make a note of these butt-showing rules... LOL
Mary G