Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Camping 101

I went on my first camping trip this past weekend. It was an experience. As a family we decided we would make it an annual event.

We camped in Salem Missouri. I had never been to this part of Missouri. Its full of tree and lots of curves. It reminded me a lot of the drive to North Carolina.

We camped in a 10 man tent. Instead of sleeping bags we roughed it on a queen size blow up bed. It felt like a water bed.

Our first adventure began with a 13 mile canoe trip. When we signed up, we had no idea we were attending a 6 hour trip. Clyde (my husband) and I had never canoed, so we didn’t have a clue what we were doing. We spent most of the trip trying to keep the boat steady and not flip us and the kids into the water.

I know the Lord was with us, because we never flipped, and he kept Clyde and I from killing each other. Yes we had a lot of crashes, before we got a hang of the canoeing. We might have even enjoyed the trip if it wasn’t so long. My poor arms were exhausted by time we finished. We were so glad we finished the trip.

My husband and I agreed we can scratch off the canoeing off our to do list. We don’t need to experience that anymore. LOL!

My biggest worries about camping were the bugs and my sinus bothering me. To my amazement, the bugs were fine. I didn’t sneeze one time.

Yes we enjoyed camping and look forward to next year. Hopefully by then we’ll have our own tent.

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