Thursday, June 23, 2005

Our Quotes Don’t Count

I watched the AFI Great movie quotes and was highly disappointed that not one African-American movie was quoted. I don’t count They Call Me Mr. Tibbs because we all know it wasn’t classified as being an African-American movie.

What’s up with that?

This is the letter I sent AFI them:

I’ve been a film buff all my life, so whenever AFI does a show, I’m right there. I enjoyed the tribute to George Lucus and I enjoyed the 100 Movie Quotes. However I was disappointed that there weren’t any African-American movie quotes. I can’t believe not one quote made the count down. For example, The Color Purple had a bunch a quotes. I know the AFI believes in preserving the movies and I think you do an outstanding job. However I do believe the movies made by or featuring minorities deserve to be preserved too. They too are a part of our film history.

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1 comment:

Shelia said...

The Color Purple has so many quotes...Lady Sings the Blues that starred Diana Ross & Billy Dee Williams is another one...and even the comedy by Ice Cube--Friday has some memorable quotes. But the first two movies definately should have been included.