Tuesday, June 28, 2005


I’ve never been a shoe person. I didn’t get the fascination of shopping for shoes and having a million pair. A couple of years ago that attitude changed.
Yesterday a co-worker asked if I had sandals to match all my clothes. I hadn’t really thought about it. Today I realized I had turned into a shoe person. I love sandals. I guess you can say the reason I wasn’t a shoe person is because I like to take my shoes off. Any chance I get, those shoes are coming off.

With sandals I get a little of both worlds. You have to wear shoes in public, and my feet are out. I love it. I even paint my toes because they look so cute in sandals.

Do I have sandals to match all my clothes? I’m working on it. I bought a pair of sandals last night with a flower on top that changes into three colors. Three colors down, many more to go.

Are you a shoe person? What type do you like?

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Dee said...

I'm a small purse person, specifically Hello Kitty purses.

Lizy said...

I like shoes very much..My best choice is the sandals which i feel very comfortable to wear for a long walk.