Friday, August 12, 2005

Being Grown

Twenty years ago I graduated and joined the Navy. I was on my way to being grown. I thought being grown would be GREAT. No more parents telling me what to do. I could eat ice cream for breakfast if I wanted to.
Why didnt’ they tell us being grown isn’t a piece of cake. That you always feel 18 and you wish your parents would tell you what to do. OK eating ice cream for breakfast is good. LOL

My first experience as a grown up, I was surprised by what other grown ups did. They were like kids in grown up jobs. The cliques were still there as it was in highschool. The he said she said still exist. The I like you do you like me didn’t fade away.

When did we become GROWN?

I think that’s the joke, you never grow up. If you’re lucky you mature with age and you learn from your mistakes.

I tell my children and others who are eager to be grown. Its not all that great. Its hard work.

You beome somone's spouse or parent. There is no book to let you know if you're doing it right. If your parents live long enough you become thier care taker. Its an never ending circle.

Yeah being grown is GREAT!

What do you think?


upwords said...

Ain't that the truth? Growing up IS hard to do. And some of us never quite make it. (myself included)
Mary G.

Jennifer said...

My daughter had an unusually fierce tantrum a few weeks ago--and I had NO CLUE what to do (the usual things weren't working). Suddenly I realized that MY parents were probably just as clueless as I am now about parenting. Kind of a shock. They're the grown-ups, right? Yeah, now I'm the grown-up--nearly 10 years older than my mom was when I was my daughter's age. Scary. And much easier to forgive real or imagined slights that I remember from my childhood. I hope my daughter also realizes that we were doing the best we know how.

princessdominique said...

I'm trying to get that through to my son. Being grown isn't easy. Bills are no joke, especially when you graduate from college and have to start paying the loans back WITH interest!

Leah Mullen said...

Being grown is all of that and 1000 bags of chips--for me. I love being in charge of my own life. I love my independence (well as independent as I can be with 2 kids and a husband!!)

Still I feel free to make my own mistakes, pay my own bills, live my own life. I wouldn't trade this for the world. I'm not stubborn, but I have a very strong will and I've always had this "grown up" way about me. When I was 18 people thought i was well into my 20's!

I tell my kids they have to follow the rules my husband and I lay down for now, but when they're older (grown and on their own) if they feel the need to change them, then they should. Hopefully I'll have raised them right and they'll continue on the positive path I'm trying to lay for them now and the decisions they make will be good ones.

I'm teaching them to embrace adulthood. I relish every minute of it and I hope they will too.