Monday, August 22, 2005

Twenty Years

Saturday I celebrated twenty years out of high school. We had our class reunion, dinner/dance. It was nice seeing everyone again. Our class wasn’t that large about 150 people. We had 42 people participate. Many of the class didn’t want to.

I was surprised because those who participated in the 10 year reunion, didn’t come back for the twenty.

High school wasn’t a great time for everyone. Some said they didn’t care for the people in high school, why be bothered now.

I enjoyed high school. I wasn’t miss popular, but I didn’t let that stop me from knowing people.

I’m glad I went to the reunion. I’m thankful the Lord let me live to have a twenty year reunion. We lost four classmates over the years. They didn’t have the chance to attend the 10 year or the twenty year.

My ten year reunion, I reunited with an old friend, who became my husband. Now that’s what you call a good party.

I pray I’m here to celebrate the thirty years. Looking forward to it.


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Leah Mullen said...

I didn't go to my ten year high school reunion, but I want to try to make it to the twenty year. I wasn't popular at all, however this experience gave me fodder for my first book. My husband and I have a college reunion coming up in the Spring 2006. Now I'm trying to recall names I haven't thought about in years, and then I look them up on the net. I even created a "where are they now?" folder. Like everyone else, I get creative when it comes to procastinating instead of working on my latest book!