Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Favorite Words

Thank God for the find function. I’m in revision stage and looking up redundant words. I’ve learned I have favorite words (really, definitely, and that) I’m sure I would be rejected just because I have a million and two of these words in my manuscript.

What is your favorite word?


Peggy said...

Had is the word that is the bane of my writing existence. Now, rather than fight it, I just go ahead and let the story idea flow as it will for a few chapters with all the inappropriate hads and then, as I get the story's rhythm I go back and put it in its proper tense and move on from there.

Camy Tang said...

LOL! Good question.


No, really. It really is my favorite word.

Just comes in close second.

Sheesh. Now I've got to go back and sweep those suckers out of my ms before they bug me.

LaShaunda said...

Peggy and Cami,

Thanks for stopping by.

I'm with Peggy, I just write the story with those crazy words. Now I'm revising and finding out I'm the crazy one. LOL!

upwords said...

There are SO many. They JUST leap out if you really look. NOW, I don't me glance, but REALLY, really look. See where this is going? LOL

Cherlyn Michaels said...

Awesome and Definitely!
It's like, these words definitely surface in almost every other sentence that I write. It's awesome! LOL