Monday, January 09, 2006

LaShaunda at the resort

Today I’m at a resort in Jupiter, Florida. It’s a writing retreat for one whole week.

I’ve taken my paper and pens and lots of sun block lotion. The best part, I haven’t left my home.

Yes I’m doing a virtual retreat with my writing group.

I’ve made a goal of 50 pages for this week. Send up some prayers for me. If you’ll like to keep up with me at the retreat, I will be posting my reports here too.


I did three pages last night. However I did come up with an idea for the honeymoon, so I had to do a little research for it. Found what I was looking for, so hopefully I’ll get more pages written.

I’m looking for some music to get me in the mood, then I’m heading out to the beach.

Goal : 50 pages – 47 to go


I was on a roll last night. I wrote the wedding scene, the honeymoon and three other scenes.

I was listening to some Christian music and the words just flew from my fingers. It was like watching a movie and I was right there.

15 pages

GOAL: 50 – 35 pages to go


I’m excited to say I wrote 12 pages yesterday. My story is moving right along. Everything I hoped for. I even came up with a few new ideas for conflict and for another story.

I think the spa treatment put me over the top.

Looking forward to today’s writing.

Hope everyone is having a good time writing.

GOAL: 50 - 23 pages to go


The family swooped down on me saying I couldn’t leave them at home, so for two days I have to hang out with the family. You can never get rid of the family. LOL

I was able to squeeze two pages out.

GOAL: 50 - 21 pages to go


Hanging out with the family today. Saw Last Holiday. It was a cutemovie, will definitely be adding to my DVD collection.Did get three pages done.

GOAL 50 - 18 pages to go


We had a great day. Had dinner together, watch the lastest Harry Potter, which we all enjoyed. I put the kids to bed and was able to write 12 pages.

Goal 50: 6 pages to go


I woke up early this morning, I wanted to reach my goal. I wrote 13 pages. Yes I reached my goal and beyond. Thank you Lord.

I’m all packed and ready to catch my plane. I’m sorry to leave the resort, it’s been a great week and its shown me I can meet deadlines and write when I need to.

Goal 50: 57 pages

See what you can do if you put your mind to it. Now I need 93 pages and I'll be done with the manuscript.


Camy Tang said...

You go girl! I'll pray for you on my sunday blog, although at the rate you're going, you'll probably have made your goal by then!

Cindy Appel said...

I wish I was a bit more organized and not swamped by "day job" types of projects. You are an inspiration to us all! ;)

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Anonymous said...

Hurray Lashaunda!!! What a wonderful week. I am so proud of you. :)

darrelharolds5610 said...

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LaShaunda said...

It was a great week. I wish I could do it every week, but you know life won't let that happen.

Thanks for stopping by.