Friday, January 27, 2006


My friend Marilynn Griffith’s book PINK comes out next month. I received a copy of it yesterday in the mail. It was a nice surprise because; I received an advance copy last year. So I wasn’t expected to receive the real book.

I opened it and on the front page were recommendations from authors and book review sites. Right there in black print was a blurb from moi. It was so neat to see my name in a book. Yes, I’ve done blurbs before but for some reason this one, hit home for me.

I ran into the den and told my kids my name was in a book. They saw my name and began to scream and jump and down, like I was a celebrity. Even my husband was impressed.

For a few moments, I had a glimpse of what’s it will feel like when my name is on the cover.

One day Lord

Congrats to Mary on her new book. I give it 4 STARS. It will definitely keep your interest. Go out and by a few for you and your friends.


upwords said...

I can't wait until the day that I'm giving YOU a blurb for your books. Thank you for all you do for writers (and for your friends).


Camy Tang said...

LOL I can relate to the screaming to my family about the blurb. I did that with SAHM I Am by Meredith Efken. It was the first time I'd ever seen my name in a book. :)


ragamuffin diva said...

I love Mary and her wonderful books. I'm so glad you were so excited to see your name in print. We are all looking forward to reading your book.