Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Writing Bug

My sister has caught the writing bug. She called me today to tell me she’s dropping her story off to me.

I’m excited for her because writing is new to her and I can see in her eyes the excitement I use to have when I started a book.

A few Christmas ago I gave her Zane's book. For years I’d given her a books, but nothing caught her attention. Ms. Zane blew her away. She had to have all the books in hard back of course.

As a reader, you’re always trying to hook someone else into the line of reading. This has been hard for me with my sisters, because they didn’t get the excitement of reading a book. I knew if they found the genre they liked they would see what I meant. My middle sister found mainstream books by African-Americans and she can’t get enough.

Toni my younger sister is in love with Zane.

Zane is currently holding a contest for a short story to be featured in her next anthology. I told Toni about and she took up the challenge.

Now I’m an editor, I get to help her make her story better. Who knows she could be the next Zane.

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Camy Tang said...

How great that your sister is writing! I still get funny looks from my relatives when my writing "career" pops up in convo. They're expecting me to get tired of my "hobby" sometime soon.