Wednesday, January 25, 2006

What do you know is true?

Today I opened an email from Sharon Foster – Christian Author. She wanted to know what One Thing I know True

Here’s mine:

The One Thing I Know True, There Is A God

For many years when people asked me if I believed in God, I said yes. Thinking over it now, I don’t think I actually believed it. It was easy to say yes than to really think about it.

Now as I look over my life, I know there is a God.

As a youngster I talked to him and told him my fears and dreams. I didn’t know if he was listening. I don’t even know if he talked to me, or at the time I didn’t realize he did when answers came to my heart. I just said it was my instincts, now I know it was God.

While in the Navy I did some wild and crazy things, and I know now God was there too, because he brought me through things, basic training, heart aches, being away from my family, advancing in rank and surviving stupid decisions.

He was there through the birth of my two children, I called his name and he held on to my hand.

He truly showed up during my mother’s illness. I know it was the time he carried me because there were many days I don’t know how I made it through.

Becoming saved has opened my eyes to see God has been with me since day one. Even on the days I didn’t think he was. He let me make my own decisions. He pulled me through when I asked. He whispered in my ear, you’re not alone, when I thought I was. He wiped away my tears, when I couldn’t cry anymore.

They say God is always on time and I have to agree. I’m glad I know there is a GOD.

What do you know is true?


Camy Tang said...


THE Sharon Ewell Foster? Lucky girl.


upwords said...

Hey, I'm with Camy. LOL Was this on Sharon's Get Lifted list? I don't think I get those emails anymore. Hmmmm....

LaShaunda said...

Yes this was Sharon's Get Lifted List.