Tuesday, January 31, 2006

In Memory Of - Coretta Scott King

I’m saddened to hear of the death of Coretta Scott King. A woman I highly admired. The wife of Martin Luther King, she stood beside him as he became a great leader. When he was assassinated, instead of going back to a normal life, she took up her husband cause.

She lived an amazing life and I know she will be missed.

Thank you Mrs. King for all your hard work, may we continue to live up to you and your husband’s dream.

There is a guestbook on line for Mrs. King


Obituary For Mrs. King

Saturday, January 28, 2006


Where were you Jan 28, 1986?

Would you believe I was in Orlando Florida? I'd just graduated from bootcamp and was going to school there. The Challenger had been schedule earlier for take off and they kept canceling take off because of problems.

I honestly believe the Lord was trying to tell them something but they wouldn't listen.

I was in the commissary shopping when people started rushing to where the t.v. were on display. We didn't know what was happening. Someone said the space shuttle had exploded. We all were in denial until we saw for ourselves.

I'm grateful I didn't witness it first hand as we had planned. I don't think I could have handle seeing it explode. Seeing it on the t.v. sent chills down my spine. It still does because I knew there were people on that shuttle and how much their families lost that day.

My sympathy goes out to the family and everyone who was touched by this tragedy.

I'm glad we are keeping their memories alive and hopefully inspiring others to want to be astronauts. I think they would want that.

Friday, January 27, 2006

James Frey

As a reader who do we trust?

What the publisher classifies the book as?

What the writer calls the book?

Mr. Frey’s story now makes me wonder about the other non-fiction I’ve read. I guess that’s the sad part about this incident. Who do we trust? When you tell me it’s called non-fiction because it’s the truth, but it’s OK to embellish it a little. Isn’t that a little white lie?

If that’s the case it should be called true-life fiction.

As a writer we want good publicity about our books, however sometimes bad publicity can push a sell too. This publicity will send Mr. Frey book back to the printer press, to me that’s unfair.

I guess I can say that, I didn’t buy the book before and I definitely don’t plan on buying it later. OK maybe if its at the dollar store.


My friend Marilynn Griffith’s book PINK comes out next month. I received a copy of it yesterday in the mail. It was a nice surprise because; I received an advance copy last year. So I wasn’t expected to receive the real book.

I opened it and on the front page were recommendations from authors and book review sites. Right there in black print was a blurb from moi. It was so neat to see my name in a book. Yes, I’ve done blurbs before but for some reason this one, hit home for me.

I ran into the den and told my kids my name was in a book. They saw my name and began to scream and jump and down, like I was a celebrity. Even my husband was impressed.

For a few moments, I had a glimpse of what’s it will feel like when my name is on the cover.

One day Lord

Congrats to Mary on her new book. I give it 4 STARS. It will definitely keep your interest. Go out and by a few for you and your friends.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

What do you know is true?

Today I opened an email from Sharon Foster – Christian Author. She wanted to know what One Thing I know True

Here’s mine:

The One Thing I Know True, There Is A God

For many years when people asked me if I believed in God, I said yes. Thinking over it now, I don’t think I actually believed it. It was easy to say yes than to really think about it.

Now as I look over my life, I know there is a God.

As a youngster I talked to him and told him my fears and dreams. I didn’t know if he was listening. I don’t even know if he talked to me, or at the time I didn’t realize he did when answers came to my heart. I just said it was my instincts, now I know it was God.

While in the Navy I did some wild and crazy things, and I know now God was there too, because he brought me through things, basic training, heart aches, being away from my family, advancing in rank and surviving stupid decisions.

He was there through the birth of my two children, I called his name and he held on to my hand.

He truly showed up during my mother’s illness. I know it was the time he carried me because there were many days I don’t know how I made it through.

Becoming saved has opened my eyes to see God has been with me since day one. Even on the days I didn’t think he was. He let me make my own decisions. He pulled me through when I asked. He whispered in my ear, you’re not alone, when I thought I was. He wiped away my tears, when I couldn’t cry anymore.

They say God is always on time and I have to agree. I’m glad I know there is a GOD.

What do you know is true?

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Writing Bug

My sister has caught the writing bug. She called me today to tell me she’s dropping her story off to me.

I’m excited for her because writing is new to her and I can see in her eyes the excitement I use to have when I started a book.

A few Christmas ago I gave her Zane's book. For years I’d given her a books, but nothing caught her attention. Ms. Zane blew her away. She had to have all the books in hard back of course.

As a reader, you’re always trying to hook someone else into the line of reading. This has been hard for me with my sisters, because they didn’t get the excitement of reading a book. I knew if they found the genre they liked they would see what I meant. My middle sister found mainstream books by African-Americans and she can’t get enough.

Toni my younger sister is in love with Zane.

Zane is currently holding a contest for a short story to be featured in her next anthology. I told Toni about and she took up the challenge.

Now I’m an editor, I get to help her make her story better. Who knows she could be the next Zane.

Monday, January 09, 2006

LaShaunda at the resort

Today I’m at a resort in Jupiter, Florida. It’s a writing retreat for one whole week.

I’ve taken my paper and pens and lots of sun block lotion. The best part, I haven’t left my home.

Yes I’m doing a virtual retreat with my writing group.

I’ve made a goal of 50 pages for this week. Send up some prayers for me. If you’ll like to keep up with me at the retreat, I will be posting my reports here too.


I did three pages last night. However I did come up with an idea for the honeymoon, so I had to do a little research for it. Found what I was looking for, so hopefully I’ll get more pages written.

I’m looking for some music to get me in the mood, then I’m heading out to the beach.

Goal : 50 pages – 47 to go


I was on a roll last night. I wrote the wedding scene, the honeymoon and three other scenes.

I was listening to some Christian music and the words just flew from my fingers. It was like watching a movie and I was right there.

15 pages

GOAL: 50 – 35 pages to go


I’m excited to say I wrote 12 pages yesterday. My story is moving right along. Everything I hoped for. I even came up with a few new ideas for conflict and for another story.

I think the spa treatment put me over the top.

Looking forward to today’s writing.

Hope everyone is having a good time writing.

GOAL: 50 - 23 pages to go


The family swooped down on me saying I couldn’t leave them at home, so for two days I have to hang out with the family. You can never get rid of the family. LOL

I was able to squeeze two pages out.

GOAL: 50 - 21 pages to go


Hanging out with the family today. Saw Last Holiday. It was a cutemovie, will definitely be adding to my DVD collection.Did get three pages done.

GOAL 50 - 18 pages to go


We had a great day. Had dinner together, watch the lastest Harry Potter, which we all enjoyed. I put the kids to bed and was able to write 12 pages.

Goal 50: 6 pages to go


I woke up early this morning, I wanted to reach my goal. I wrote 13 pages. Yes I reached my goal and beyond. Thank you Lord.

I’m all packed and ready to catch my plane. I’m sorry to leave the resort, it’s been a great week and its shown me I can meet deadlines and write when I need to.

Goal 50: 57 pages

See what you can do if you put your mind to it. Now I need 93 pages and I'll be done with the manuscript.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

This little LIGHT of mine

Today’s devotion made me think:


Your life either sheds light or casts a shadow.

I do hope I’m influencing other to love the Lord. I’d hate to think I’m influencing them to give up their faith.

As a single person I use to hear parents say, what they didn’t let their kids watch or hear. I use to think it was strange. It didn’t matter. Oh how my mind has changed once I became a mother.

Yes I’m addicted to t.v. and yes I watch Nip and Tuck but you better believe its after my children are tucked in bed. As sexy as I think Christian is, he is not for those eyes.

I want my kids to stay kids as long as they can. I remember being eager to grow up. I tell them and other kids its no piece of cake being GROWN. I would love for my mother to take care of me and I not have to worry about bills.

Being married to a non-Christian, I pray that my light shines for him. I’m sure he looks at me to see what I will do wrong and will I be Christian like. Yes its easy to turn off the light and not let it shine. I choose the hard path because I know where it will lead.

My light is on and it shining brightly for those who need to come out of the darkness. I pray my light influences others to seek out the Lord.

What I'm Reading

I decided this year to read one book a week. I have a pile of books that my husbands threatens to pitch out. I always think I’ll have time to read them. This year I’ve decided to make time.

I started the year off with one of my favorite authors – Rochelle Alers. Her books introduced me to romance and I’ve been in love with her writing every since. This book is her second mainstream book.

I plan on updating this page to see how my reading is coming for 2006

1. Secrets Never Told

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Feel free to pass this on to other readers.

Happy New Year!


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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

No Call In 2005

Another year and no I didn’t get the call. This time I’m not too upset. I learned a lot this year and for that I’m truly grateful. I believe as a writer you should learn something everyday. I learned a lot about editing and what I’m doing wrong. I need to know this if I plan on improving my work and making it sellable.

I know now my work is not ready for an editor. So I plan on using 2006 to make it more presentable and hopeful fit for an agent.

If you didn’t get the call in 2005, don’t let it stop you from writing. Finish another book. Put it aside and start on the other. Because when you do get the call, you’ll have more than one book to offer.

Happy writing.