Wednesday, April 01, 2009


For the month of April I’m fasting from yelling.

It seems like the only way I know how to talk to my kids is yelling. After I do it, I feel horrible. Why did I just say that?

I told my kids I would like them to join me because the 2yr old is yelling now and that’s not right.

Do you yell at your kids? Join us in our fast.

Let’s become moms who don’t yell.Yes it will be hard, but if we support each other will get though April and the rest of the of the year.


Rev. Deborah D. Jenkins said...

I am with you! I caught my daughter playing with her dolls the other day and acting out my yelling! This is not the image I want my two sweeties to have of their mommy so I am with you. This will definitely require support though-I'm serious. I am pulled in so many directions and they are my 2 favorite people in the world and they deserve more.

Rev. Deb

LaShaunda said...

I feel you Rev. Deb.

I don't want to go down in my kids history as the yelling woman.

Today was good. I think it was because they went to bed early. They have the MAPS test this week.

Now ask me how many times I yelled last night? LOL

The 2yr old refused to go to bed. I tried to reason with him, but it wasn't working. I ended up threatening his life. LOL

I'm here for support, but I know I'm going to need it too. Tonight is the big test.