Friday, January 20, 2012


January is usually the month new businesses get started.  I thought I shared a few tips with those interested in starting their own business.

When I started SORMAG I honestly didn’t think of it as a business.  It was my way to say thanks to the many authors I enjoyed.  I thought it would be something fun to do for a little while.  I never dreamed it would grow into something wonderful or that I could make money from it.

So I’ll begin with my first tip:


Before you began your business, have a vision for what you want, what you want to achieve and what you want to do with your business.

This is very important because if you plan on being in this for the long haul you need to know where you’re going.

As I admitted before I didn’t have a clue where I wanted to take SORMAG, I just winged it.  Something I don’t think anyone should do going in.  Its hard not knowing where you want to go or what you want to do with your business if you don’t have a vision.

I highly recommend you dream big.  Imagine the wildest and make it happen.  I’m learning to let my imagination flow because I want only the best for SORMAG.

Here a few links to help you with your vision statement:

Are you thinking about starting a business this year?  Do you have a business, tell us about it?

P.S.  I wanted to share a link to a conference I've been attending this week.  Some excellent advice about driving your business.  It ends Monday, but there is still time to check out what you missed -


Suzanne said...

I started a business just this week to make it easier to sell my books. After the ACFW meeting Sat., Phyllis challenged me to come up with a name on the way home, and I did: Creative Triumphs. I can't say I've got much of a vision at this point, but you're right about needing one. So I need to work on that.

LaShaunda said...

Good for you Suzanne. I like the name too. I've been thinking about a name for my business I want to start for my writing. I need to get on the ball.

Blogger said...

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