Monday, January 09, 2012

Natural Hair Journey - Stick To Your Budget

If you’re thinking about going natural because you think it’s inexpensive, think again.

When I started this journey, I figured I would drop the stylist bill off my monthly budget.  NOT.  I still go to a stylist every now and then. 

I was like everyone else when I started this journey, a product junkie trying to figure out what works in my hair and what didn’t.

I was trying every product my friends or natural websites suggested.  I went from the most expensive to the least expensive.  I had stuff I used one time because it made my hair hard.  I don’t like the hard hair.

I paid for stuff that promised wavy curls and all I got was goopy hair.  I know I came off a few hundreds before I realized that I needed to listen to my hair and not what others said.

This year I've decided to share more about my natural hair journey in hope I can ease your pain if you're trying this new path and hopefully be an encourager in your journey.

My advice for anyone going natural before you start trying every product, listen to your hair. 

1. Know what type of hair you have.

2. Know what you want your hair to do.

3. Know what your hair looks like happy.

Each Monday I will talk about my journey.  Stop by and share with me.

Did you stick to your budget or go overboard like me?


Farrah Rochon said...

Just went natural, but I'm not going overboard with product. I bought a couple of moisturizers, but that's about it. I've researched a bunch, but I'm cheap. Not willing to spend too much.

LaShaunda said...

Good for you Farrah,

I’ve found that shea butter and extra virgin olive oil very inexpensive items works well for my hair. I also use Cantu leave in shea butter conditioner keeps it soft.

Find what works for your hair and stick with it. I hair is like us, it likes to be happy and will let you know its not.

LaShaunda said...

I meant our hair is like us.

Linda! said...

I've been officially loc'd for close to two years. I'm still in searc of a product that will keep my edges together for longer periods of time.

Linda Beed!