Wednesday, January 25, 2012

THE FAMILY JOURNEY: Squirrel Invasion

This weekend we had a visit from a squirrel.  He came in and decided he didn’t want to leave.  Of course we didn’t want the uninvited guest.  We tried to drown him by placing a bucket of water underneath the hole he created in our ceiling.  However he outwitted us and came down without dropping into the water.

We cornered him in the kitchen and thought if we opened the side door, he’d run out.  Oh no, not this crazy squirrel, he runs into the front room and hides behind the bookcase.  We finally get him back in the kitchen.  We open the kitchen door and the side door, thinking this time we got him, he’ll run outside.  The kids and I are ready to get him out.  We get him to run and we think he’s run out the side door.  We go outside and there’s a squirrel in the front tree.  We think it’s him.  We cheer, yeah! Thinking we got him out the house.

Two hours later, my daughter, says, “I think the squirrel is still here.” Sure enough he’s behind the bookcase again.  By this time the hubby is up and he’s ready to get the squirrel OUT.  This time we get out the leaf blower and we open the side and back door and we’re ready.  I get the squirrel to run toward the kitchen, but this time he hides in the hallway, refusing to move.

The kids close off the front room with a blanket and I poke at the squirrel with a stick to get him moving.  The hubby uses the leaf blower to blow him toward the side door and finally we’re able to get the crazy squirrel out of our house.  You’d thought we’d won the super bowl the way were yelling and cheering.

We’re praying that’s the last squirrel we have to deal with in our home.

Have you ever been invaded by an outside animal?

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Phyllis Bourne said...

The leaf blower was a great idea. Not sure I would have thought of it.

LOL! Girl, I know you're glad that 'guest' is gone!