Monday, January 16, 2012

Natural Hair Journey - Know What Type Of Hair You Have

My first mistake was thinking I would get a curly look like the curl I use to wear in the 80/90s.  I wanted those Shirley temple curls flowing down my back.  If I’d thought back to when my mother use to press and curl my hair, there was never any Shirley Temple curls to begin with.  Why did it take me two years to realize this.  OK I wanted to live in lala with my curly Qs in hair.

Learning the type of hair I have really made me understand it more.  I’m a type 4 which means for me to get the curls I want I have to manipulate my hair.  I have to twist/braid it or pin it to get waves or curls.

I’m ok with that because I now know I will never have the Shirley Temple look naturally but I can achieve it with rods and a long wait und the hair dryer.

Four years later I’m still learning my hair, but I’m not fighting it like I use to.  Now I listen to what my hair needs.  It tells me when its too dry. My scalp is super itchy.  It tells me when it needs moisture it looks dull. 

I still have my bad hair good hair days.  I know with hair you will always have those days.  However I’m learning to deal more with the bad hair days.  Those are the days I rock those cute earrings, so I can feel cute with my ugly hair.

Do you know your hair type?  Here's a link if you don't.

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