Saturday, January 04, 2014

Lessons Learned In 2013 - Admit You Made A Mistake

This is the third lesson I learned.

Admit You Made A Mistake

In the previous lesson, I explained how I made the mistake of using slang in my email. When I received the email from my client who was truly upset with me. I could have blown the email off and said it wasn’t that serious.

However I had to consider my clients feelings and how the email mad her feel. I prayed over what to write and sat down and wrote my email. I admitted my mistake and apologized. I didn’t know if she would accept my apology. Thankfully she did accept my apology and we are back on building a better relationship.

Another example of admitting your mistake is when I purchased some Christmas gifts from someone online. One of the gifts didn’t come in. For four days, I tried to get in touch with the company using the telephone number they had listed on their site. I finally sent a email telling them of the problem. A few days later someone called me on the phone. They apologized for the problem with the phone which was hanging up on the customers when it put you on hold.

A few days later I received a 20 dollar credit.

The company admitted their mistake and apologized. Sometimes that’s all the customer needs is to hear you say there was a mistake and you apologize.

I’ve learned that I’m not perfect, so I will make mistakes. However I’ve also learned to admit when I’m wrong and to apologize and hopefully move forward with the relationship.

Have you ever had to admit you made a mistake?

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