Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Lessons Learned In 2013 - Mentors/Coaches Are Important

Having someone who encourages you and only wants the best for you can make your life a lot easier. I have three women who helped me through 2013. From them I learned so much and that having a mentor or coach is very important to moving forward in your life.

My writing mentor, Dr. Linda Beed always starts my week off with a morning call, saying how are you my sister in success. We talk about writing, but what I love about our talks is that we inspire each other. She gives me ideas for my writing or for SORMAG and I do the same for her.

Writing is a lonely business, so you need someone who has your back and won’t let you slip into your pity party. You need someone who understands writing and how to encourage you to continue on your publishing journey when you think all hope has failed.

Thank you Ms. Linda for helping me become a better writer.

In 2013 I stepped out of my comfort zone and joined a challenge about Fear. This challenge opened my eyes to a lot of things, one important one was I was ready to work with a life coach. The good thing I about LaTara V. Bussey is that I felt comfortable with her, which helped me say yes to more coaching. I liked that she got me, she understood my fears, and she didn’t let me wallow in them, she designed a course to help me maneuver around it.

Thank you LaTara for helping me better me, which in turn will help me, be a better writer and business owner.

Also want to give shout outs to two ladies who are not my official coaches, however the wisdom they shared helped me grow as a business owner. LaShanda Henry and Cheryl Pullins. If you want to learn about how to stay a successful online business or how to build a brand, these are the ladies to follow. Hopefully one day I will be able to call them my coaches. Thank you LaShanda and Cheryl.

I’m thankful for learning the importance of a mentor and coach because growing is what we want to do in life. Sometimes that means stepping out your comfort zone and asking for help.

Do you have a mentor or coach?

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Linda Beed said...

Thank you Ms. LaShaunda. It is a pleasure to be in your inner circle. As you said in the article, you also inspire me and I've been so blessed by it.

Linda Beed

The Master Communicator said...

Great Blog! Sharon Jenkins