Friday, January 03, 2014

Lessons Learned In 2013 - Be Professional Always

This is the second lesson I learned.

Be Professional Always

I always keep my emails professional when it comes to communicating with my clients. The one time I slip up and use slang, nearly cost me a friendship and a loyal customer.

I normally don’t use slang when I write emails, but My Bad has become popular, that I sometimes use it without thinking. This was one of those times, I wrote it without hitting the return button after it and it came across not how I intended.

I offended a customer and it took a few emails to clear up the misunderstanding.

It taught me to always remain professional, even when I’m talking to a friend. If we are doing business, treat the email as a business email.

Never, ever assume everyone understands slang. My bad, turned to very bad.

I was able to salvage the relationship and I also learned from my mistake.

Hopefully it will help you to remember to stay professional.

Have you ever had an unprofessional moment?

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