Tuesday, July 05, 2005

I’ll miss you Luther

Looking back over my 38 years, Luther Vandross music has played an important part in my life. My pre-teen years, I learned to slow dance to Luther. My teenage years I cried over heartaches to Luther. My navy years I partied to Luther. My adult years, I romanced to Luther and even shared a few more tears with Luther.

I felt as if I’d lost a old friend when I heard the news of his passing. Nobody can sang like Luther. You know when you buy one of his CDs you’re getting your monies worth. He can do ballads and fast songs.

My only regret is I never saw him live. I heard about his concerts, but I always thought I get a chance to hear him.

When I heard the news about his stroke, I sent up my prayers. They showed him on t.v. and I knew it was worst than they’d led on. I sent up more prayers. The last time I saw him on t.v. he looked like he was on his way to recovery.

My daughter asked me who he was when she saw the tears in my eyes. The radio played one of his songs, Dance With My Father. I told her this is Luther. She said, I know this song. I’m sorry he died.

I know his music has touched many in my generations. The best part for me is that he’ll live on in the next generations because of our love for him.

Luther was a wonderful singer whose music will live on forever. Thank you Luther for touching my life with your music.

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