Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Are You A House Fan

I’m a House fan. I just love that arrogant doctor. When I first watched the show I kept trying to figure out where I saw Hugh from. Last month I found out he was the daddy from the Stuart Little movies and he was in Sense and Sensibilities, one of my favorite movies.

He definitely didn’t fit the mold for House.

Tuesday night I watched and it was the first time I saw him ride his motorcycle. They named him one of the sexiest men on t.v. and I was wondering why. However after seeing him on the motorcycle, I could see a little sexy.

He kills me because he says what’s on his mind. Doesn’t worry about how it will affect others. I wonder what the world would be like if we all did that. CRAZY!

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Kathy Carlton Willis said...

Yes! I love watching House. I'm glad I don't have doctors with his personality but wish I had doctors with his diagnostic skills!

The most amazing thing is how the actor can disguise his British accent. He truthfully has a lot to do to get into character, between the limp, the cane, the attitude, and the accent.

I'm glad I can just act like me!