Friday, March 31, 2006

Staying Calm

Two incidences this week, showed me staying calm helps defray a possible problem.

The first one happens at a gas station. As I reached for the pump a man walked up to the pump, he asked if he could pump my gas for a few dollars. I told him I didn’t have a few dollars to offer him but thank you any way. Instead of moving on, he decides to have conversation telling me he didn’t believe I didn’t have any money. I’m just like the rest of the people. They think he’s crazy and they don’t want to help a brother down on his luck.

My inner self wanted to yell, get away from me, however I remembered my kids were in the car, so I remained calm and pumped the gas, while listening to him jabber on. As I finished pumping, he said you look like a good Christian woman, you’re sure you don’t have some change, so I can help you out. I told him, I wish I did, but I don’t carry money on me. I assumed he finally accepted my refusal. I went inside the gas station because I wanted to get a car wash and the pump wasn’t acting right.

As I’m standing line, this woman comes in carrying an ax, yelling at the attendant, “call the police, I’m about to hurt somebody.” The man who was asking me for money comes in, yelling.” You going cut me B****” She told the attendant, “I asked him to get away from my car window and he wouldn’t. Then he started threatening me, call the police.”
The attendants asked the man to go, but he was too hyped up to think about leaving. For a few minutes I thought I was going to witness someone’s death, or maybe be chopped up in the process.

The lady’s friend came in and they were able to go back to their car. I paid for my car wash and exited.

As I sat in the car I thanked God, I’d remained calm with the man. No telling what would have happen if I hadn’t. I definitely didn’t want my children to witness something like that.

The second incident happens at the pharmacy. I was looking at some magazines when this man walks up and says, “You’re beautiful,” I look at him and say thank you. I return to the magazines, hoping Mr. Man will go on his way. Of course not. (For some reason, old men especially the one like him, with not one tooth in his head think I would be interested in them)

He decides to hold a conversation. I so want to yell, get away from me. However I remember the ding bat at the gas station and remain calm. I listen to him babble on until he finally realizes, I’m not interested. He goes on down the aisle and, I say Thank you Jesus.

I know it’s my nature to go off when I don’t want to be bothered, but I’m learning sometimes its best to remain calm.

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