Thursday, June 29, 2006

Free Fun

Want a fun day with your kids?

Feed the ducks.

Yesterday I piled the kids in the car with two bags of stale dollar rolls and we headed to the park. I told the kids two days earlier we were going to feed the ducks, so they were on “let’s go” mode when I pulled up from work.

We packed popcorn, water and Off for the biting bugs.

We found a small pond that had about 15 ducks. They were a little skittish when the kids approached. Once they realized we were trying to feed them, they came a little closer to the edge.

I think my kids were a little disappointed. They thought the ducks would eat right out of their hands. After a few minutes they said they were bored.

It’s amazing to me how fast kids get bored. I told them to have patience the ducks would eat when they were ready.

I guess one of the ducks flew off to tell his other friends we had bread, because about five other ducks swim across the pond and skid in front of us. The children started laughing; they couldn’t believe how the ducks were fighting with each other over the pieces of bread. Before we knew it, all the bread was gone.

As we were walking back to our car, I thought about those birds. They relied on God to bring them food. They didn’t have money or a place to buy food. They lived on the pond and what ever food they got was a blessing.

God is good. He knew those ducks need something to eat and he sent us to feed them.

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