Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Race For The Cure

Last Saturday I experienced my first walk for breast cancer. For years I’d heard of this race, but never participated. Our church registered a team and I decided to join. We met at the church at 5:30 a.m. I’m not a morning person, but this morning I was wide awake and excited for the cause. Everyone had on their Race for the cure t-shirts and we boarded the church bus for downtown St. Louis. We parked in the City Hall parking lot, sang a song and then prayed.

I was amazed at how many people were participating in this race as we walked to the registration tables. We had one person to register and while she did, we were given pink papers to walk in someone’s honor.

I walked in memory of:

Gloria C. A co-worker who was my first contact with breast cancer.
Precious B. – a co-worker who lost the battle a few months ago.

In Celebration of:

Mae J. – My aunt who is fighting the battle
Trellis J – A church member who is fighting the battle
Fran G. – A church member who is a survivor
Minister Pat – A church member who is a survivor
Alveria W – A church member who is a survivor

We took group pictures and headed off to the vendors. There were many vendors giving out little treats, like scarves and towels. What impressed me was how kind everyone was. I’m use to the pushing and shoving you see at the big expos. No one was like that; everyone was trying to help someone receive a gift.

While going to the vendors, I was separated from my team. There were so many white t-shirts there was no way I could find them. Not one person I knew came by me. I stood in the middle of the street and said, Lord what am I going to do? I don’t even know where the race starts.

Helpful hint for races or any activity where you in a group: Get the members telephone numbers, that way if you’re lost you can find each other.

Of course I didn’t have anyone’s numbers. However, the Lord was looking out for me because my sister was also participating in the race with her job and she came walking up the street. THANK YOU JESUS. We ended up walking together. I know it was God who wanted us to.

I had a bag full of goodies and the race was about to start. I highly recommend taking your goodies back to your car before the race starts, but since I didn’t have time, I walked with mine.

The race was amazing; at first we were walking really slowly. We couldn’t figure out why everyone was walking so slowly. Then we hit a dip and we were able to see who was ahead of us. A block full of white and pink shirts were walking and running. We all did a deep AHHH!, because we didn’t realize it was that many people ahead of us. A few blocks of walking we looked behind and another AHHH!, escaped us as we saw the many people behind us.

I think what affected me the most about the race was the many survivors who were young. When I think of breast cancer I think of older women, but this disease doesn’t discriminate it touches all ages.

My sister and I walked and talked and before we knew it, we were crossing the finish line.

Walking across the finish line was wonderful and exhilarating. I use to walk a mile a day but I haven’t done it in months. My hubby kept teasing me that I wouldn’t make it, but I refuse to give up. Walking at the pace we did didn’t strain me or tire me out, so I was comfortable the whole race. It did make me realize I need to get some exercise back in my life.

Next year I plan on signing my daughter up, I think its time she learned about supporting a good cause.

To all those who supported the Race For The Cure, thank you and look forward to walking with you next year.

St. Louis is the #1 city with 65,000 participants.

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