Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Answered Prayers

Sunday night, my son comes down stairs near tears. A centipede was crawling on his cover, freaked him out. Since I didn't want to tackle those stairs I told him to bring his blanket down stairs. We shook the blanket out, but he still didn’t feel comfortable going back to his room.

I told him let's pray about it. The Lord will keep him safe. I said a quick prayer and he went upstairs.

The next afternoon, he comes to me and said, “It worked Mama,” I’m lost of course, so I say, “What worked honey?” "The prayer, God kept me safe. The centipede didn’t come back.”

I said, “Of course, God will always keep you safe.”

Don’t you just love it when God answers your prayers?

Keep on praying, he’s listening.


Camy Tang said...

Aw, poor guy, I hate centipedes. That's a great story.

Patricia W. said...

I've had similar moments with my sons. Sometimes worry about how best to teach them about God but those every day moments are the best.