Friday, October 13, 2006


When I was a teenager my middle sister hosted her annual slumber/birthday parties. They usually consisted of about 15 girls, friends and family members. We were up all night eating pizza and popcorn and talking about our favorite subject, boys.

The last weekend of September, we began the tradition again with my daughter. For her 9th birthday she wanted to have a slumber party. I stupidly agreed to 15 girls. I was thinking they all wouldn’t show up. The week of the party we’d only received three RSVPs, but I knew we’d probably hear from more by the day of the party. What is it with RSVP? Do we forget what the words mean?

My daughter likes Hello Kitty, so we used that as her party decorations and decided on a movie night as her theme. I rented a couple of movies, bought movies snacks, hotdogs, popcorn and tons of candy. My daughter wanted nachos, I was like no way.

The night of the party 11 girls showed up. Or should I say screaming girls. (I’d completely forgotten about the screaming)

The trampoline in the yard kept them entertain for a while, then they bum rushed the house and the real party began. While they changed into their pajamas, I started the hotdogs. I figured they would eat and settle down. (OK I was in complete denial, 11 screaming girls, settle down, yeah right)

They played a game of twister. These little girls were serious about winning. It was too funny they way they twisted their bodies. After the game I fed them which increased their energy, so they played a game of Scene It. This was noisy game too because you have to shout out the answers.

I finally convinced them to watch a movie. While they were watching the movie I snuck up to my bedroom to chat with my hubby. I moaned, “When are they going to sleep?” He laughed, “LaShaunda its only 10 o’clock.” “Oh no! Why does it feel later?”

This pregnant body wasn’t up for a slumber party. I had a flashback of sitting up talking all night. Ah man these girls would never go to sleep.

I think the best part of the party was my son announcing to me in the kitchen, while I fixed plates, “this is my house too and I’m not leaving.” This six year old decided his sister’s rule of him staying upstairs during the party wasn’t going to work for him. Through out the party he was right there checking everything out.

The girls had their talk about who likes who. I pretended to be watching the movie, while easedropping. My daughter glances over at me before saying, "I don't like anybody." I'm sure she does but since Mommy is in the room, I'm not confessing. I still like to believe she's not into boys. She's only 9.

Would you believe they even sang God Bless America at the top of their lungs. Its a song they're learning at school. I guess it beats Laffy Taffy (believe you don't want to know what that song says)

The girls finally passed out about 2 am. I slept for a little while, when I heard my niece wake up. It was 7:30. They thought it was time to start all over again. I set up the breakfast of cereal, fruit and yogurt and prayed for their parents to be on time.

We watched another movie, after the movie the trampoline called to them. They jumped on it until their parents came.

I survived the slumber party. I smiled to myself because I knew this was just the beginning of an old tradition. I’m sure one day my daughter will look back her slumber parties and remember all the good times. For that it was all worth it.

What traditions have you started with your children?

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Patricia W. said...

Oooh LaShaunda, did you bring back memories! I loved slumber parties. I have boys so many of the things I loved I don't see passing on to them. Time for new traditions.

We do Friday night movies and every now and then, we "camp out". We lay sheets on the floor in the family room, get pillows and blankets, pop popcorn, order pizza, and try to stay up all night. We sleep right there on the floor. Started it with my eldest when he was about 5. Now 11, he still loves it. Two youngest aren't sure but they're younger than 5 so maybe they'll catch on later. My husband shakes his head and goes to bed, wanting no part of the aches and pains that I'm sure to have the next day. But the smiles are worth it.