Thursday, March 27, 2014

BLOG TOUR: The Big Picture Interactive Bible for Kids, David and Goliath Edition LeatherTouch: Connecting Christ Throughout God's Story

Kids can now be engaged in Bible reading and study as never before, seeing scenes from the Bible literally pop off the page via a free downloadable app that lets them view the images in an augmented reality format, as well as listen to narration of the event.

This full color, fully designed Bible includes features to help kids experience the Bible including call outs of key Bible stories, definitions, memory verses and more, all designed to get kids digging into and learning the Bible for life.

Together kids and parents can enjoy the Christ Connections and Big Questions and Answers call outs that show God's story unfolding from the beginning of time and how we fit into his plan.

This meets children in the visual world they are so accustomed to, bringing Bible pages to life. Over 400,000 individual participants, 40,000 plus groups, and 7,000 plus churches have already started their journey with LifeWay's Gospel Project, making this the perfect companion for the Gospel Project for Kids curriculum.

This is part of the Big Picture brand, which includes The Big Picture Interactive Bible Storybook, The Big Picture of What God Has Always Wanted, and The Big Picture: Making God the Main Focus in Your Life. Augmented reality narrations by Jenna Lucado.


When I agreed to be a part of this book tour, I was expecting a comic book looking book to show up. How wrong I was. I was impressed with the book that I received. It has a leather feel and resembles a real bible. Which impressed my son, he liked having a big boy's bible.

I loved that it was an easy to read bible and its interactive which is great for my son who loves anything he can do on the computer. I’m looking forward to the conversations I will have with my son as he reads his new bible. I like the Big Questions, Christ Connection, Versus To Remember, Parent connection and Seeing The Big picture sessions throughout the bible.

I can see him using this bible for many years.

I highly recommend it as the perfect gift for a young reader 5 – 13. Because it’s such an easy bible to read, your teenager might enjoy it too if they don’t think the cartoons are too childish.

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