Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Writing Fears: Moving Forward

Fear 3: Moving Forward

Fear is about standing still. Is not about going forward, not moving. It’s about turning back to your old ways, staying in your rut.

This weekend I heard a sermon about I won’t turn back. The minister talked about moving forward and not dying in the place you are. I took it as you have to move forward, learn new things, try new things, to reach your goals.

I won’t turn back, that is my new motto for this year, I will add it to my moving past the fear.

Not turning back is a big part of moving past the fear. Not turning back means breaking out of old habits, moving toward my goals instead of not reaching them.

I don’t want to turn back. I’ve been through a lot. I’ve come through a lot. I know everything I’ve went through is for a reason. Its to teach me to be a stronger person. To teach me I can get through my trials and storms. It also teaches me that God is with me every step of the way. Especially in the fearful ones. He has told us not to be fearful and to lean on him, and even when we don’t understand he will be there for us.

I’m am learning this in my journey past fear. My belief is growing stronger each day. I’m depending on God instead of LaShaunda, because LaShaunda isn’t going anywhere, but with God I can go further and further.

I know that I won’t turn back. I will move forward, and reach the goals I have set for this year.

Are you standing still? Are you sitting where you were last year? You can move forward – BELIEVE.

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