Tuesday, June 10, 2014

When should you schedule promotion? Part One

Pre Release Promotion

A lot of writers come to me for promotion after their book has hit the shelf. To be honest that’s the worse time to try to promote your books or to schedule promotion. It’s last minute. If you’re dealing with online magazines, blogs or radio shows most work on a schedule and can’t just squeeze your book in.

Give them time to schedule your promotions. Talk to the sites and see what they recommend.

For SORMAG I recommend you start promoting three months before the book comes out. You have a release date for your book. This will help you determine when you need to start promoting.

I suggest three months before because you want to work on those pre sales.

Why this early?

Some readers like to preorder their books. They want to make sure they have the book when it hits the shelves. They don’t want to have to worry about not finding a copy.

Don’t forget about the Ereaders. They like the idea of their book downloading on the day it goes live.

Don’t discount these readers who buy early. This is your chance to introduce your book to them. Give them a little nibble of your book (an excerpt of the book, a glimpse of the cover).

Remember to include a link in your promotion asking the readers to join your mailing list.

Next Tuesday we'll talk more about when to schedule promotion - Release Month Promotion.

Do you have a book releasing in the next three months?

Have you scheduled your promotions?

Don't wait to the last minute schedule your pre-sale promotions.

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