Tuesday, June 17, 2014

When should you schedule promotion? Part Two

Don’t wait until the day the book releases to set up your promotions.

1-3 months before the book releases is when you should be scheduling your promotions.

Set your promotion budget.

Make a list of the free promotions and the paid promotions.

Create a calendar for your promotions.

Try to schedule promotion for the first three months your book is out on the shelves. If that’s too much for your time, focus on the first week, which is the most important when it comes to book sales.

Use your budget to promote on the paid promotion for the first week, then use your free promotion for the rest of the time.

Paid Promotion:

Online – Magazines, book blogs, reader sites, radio shows, podcasts, social media

Offline – Magazine, radio shows, newspapers

Free Promotion:

Interviews (print, digital, radio, sites, blogs), Articles (online/off) guest bloggers, forum promotions, book clubs (online/off), events (online, off), social media

Take time to schedule your promotion and introduce your book to as many readers as you can.

Remember to always bring them back to your website to join your community.

Next week I’ll discuss how to promote after the release.

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