Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Are You Ashamed?

I’ve interviewed many writers who are ashamed of what they write. Many write in a genre because they felt it was easy to break into. They don’t enjoy writing the genre but if they want their name in the public, this is what they feel they have to do.

Do you agree?

As a reader I can tell when a writer doesn’t like the genre they write. It comes through in their stories.

As a writer who hasn’t published, I feel like saying MOVE, give me the slot. I love what I write, I want the SLOT.

Are you ashamed of what you write?


Karen Scott said...

Wow Lashaunda, two great minds think alike huh?

As a reader, it really pisses me off when authors say that they're embarrased by what they write.

That kind of attitude is what gives the 'literary world' the excuse to look down their noses at romance writers and readers.

Zinta Aistars said...

I can't imagine writing if I didn't take pride in what I write. But I do not write in the romance genre, nor do I read it. I make a living as a writer and editor, and my areas of choice are poetry, short stories, flash fiction, while I make my living in journalism--mostly because the paychecks are more dependable.

Whether one is a writer or works in any other profession, I should think one should be proud of what one does for a living... or find another profession.

Perdita said...

I really doubt you'll find ashamed writers here in the world of Blog.

I hear what you are saying, but think mostly those authors are attempting to do the modest self-depracation thing

LaShaunda said...


You're right about the world of blog. I've found many of the authors who blog are honest and don't care what people think.

Cherlyn Michaels said...

I don't think I could every write something that I don't enjoy writing or that I'm ashamed of. That would take the fun out of writing and I wouldn't enjoy my job. That's why I left corporate do what I enjoy. :-) I know there are other genres that make more money just because of the genre. But never once have I considered writing in a genre just for money because I wouldn't enjoy it. And just as you said you can tell when writers don't enjoy what they're writing, I know that's what would happen with me and people would read and would be able to tell that I don't even like it myself.

Dee said...

wow! that explains the lackluster meaning in some of the books I have reviewed. If your heart isn't in it, it shows in the book.

Shelley Halima said...

I can not imagine putting down what I do. Not only is it stupid but it insults the very people who buy your books! Crazy.

Shelia said...

No, of course not. I wouldn't write something I didn't believe in.

Ask me have I felt uncomfortable about something I've written, then the answer would be yes. And the only reason I felt uncomfortable is because it was a love scene and I know my mom and pastor would read the love otherwise, I stand behind everything I write. My creativity are blessings from on high so I can't write anything that I'm ashamed of.