Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The Good Old Days

This weekend I experienced the good old days. My husband has 13 brothers and two sisters. They came in this weekend to support one of the brothers who will be having surgery this week. Since we’re the only one of the family to have a house, everyone came over, Saturday and the fourth. Thank God for a big house and yard.

It was like the old days of barbequing and enjoying each others company. Something I dreamed of when I first saw our house. I envisioned the big picnics in the yard and kids running around like they’d lost their heads. This weekend proved dreams do come true. We had twenty-five children running around and the grill cooking chicken, hotdogs and hamburger. The house was full of laughing people and I was in host heaven.

This weekend also marked my baby, CJ becoming a five year old. He’s a fourth of July baby. For a week he asked if it was his birthday. The day before, he said, “One more day and its here.” I laughed because he so reminded me of myself at that age.

He enjoyed his birthday, with his best friend, his cousin Cameron. They played on the scooter/skate board he received for his birthday. He dipped in the pool and he ran around the yard with his many cousins. He said this was the best birthday. What a perfect way to end the holidays.

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